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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  April 23, 2017 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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john we heard from the secretary of state and secretary of defense, john mattis, let's play a little bit of what he says about how big a threat iran is. >> iran's got its own military inside syria, continuing to hold assad in power. everywhere you look, if there's trouble in the region, you find iran. . >> by the way, it's jim, not john mattis. what do you think, is he right on in his assessment? >> i don't think so. i think that spending now is going to lead to more spending in the future. when we give iran the attention, we needlessly give
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legitimacy to a regime that doesn't have it, you'd think we learned that years ago. we made it global. are we going to hear more on defense? cuba was possibly putting nuclear missiles in cuban and the iranians are according to james rosen, still working on nukes. more to nazi germany than cuba and that iran has a potential problem in the future mitt mitt. aside from safety there are bigger problems with it today. >> and jessica, the obama administration already gave them access to tens of billions, if not hundreds of billions of dollars andand even john kerry
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had to admit that some of that money went to funding terrorists. >> absolutely. >> we know from admissions from the trump administration that they have been complying with the deal which is what we wanted and a large portion of that money that they got from us is money that we unfroze. i think it makes sense for the trump administration to review the agreement and hold their feet to the fire, but the economic sanctions we've placed are critical going forward to make sure they don't become the nuclear threat that steve mentioned. david: the worst of all worlds, e-mack, is the possibility of nuclear andterrorism coming together. they deal with hezbollah, in fact, many people say they created hezbollah. nikki haley, ambassador to the u.n., let's play the tape and get your reaction. >> if we're speaking honestly,
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we need to start with the chief culprit, iran and the partner mission, hezbollah. >> e-mack, nuclear terrorism is the biggest threat of all. >> nikki haley is impressive and spot on. recently iran has been writing on the missiles, death to israel, according to recent reports, destabilizing lebanon, yemen, syria and iraq. hezbollah is very active in putting basically weapons in mosques and hospitals, in order to do terrorist activity. let's be clear, so you don't want to have iran to have nuclear tipped missiles, period. they're destabilizing the region and when you see that, iran is likely behind it. and here is iran's response, in
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the most obnoxious kind of way, this is the foreign minister, saying that the iran deal obliges the united states to support successful implementation, including in public statements for eight years we had an administration who did that. they're not spending more money yet and, but what they're doing is exploring their leverage and acting the way the number one super power in the world should act and they're putting their leverage on this, so, you know, so far, they are to be applauded and putting north korea on notice, iran on notice and like e-mack, thank god for nikki haley. i don't know what they're doing right there, clemson and nikki
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haley. david: the cell busted in u.s. is in north carolina, you might think you're out of harm's way, but you're not, everybody is at risk here, steve, we're about to have a trip by the president to saudi arabia. we don't know when, they're holding that close to the vest because of security concerns. >> it's interesting that we could use part of the islamic world to go against a dangerous part of the islamic world, no? >> absolutely. the saudis and the gulf states are terrified what iran is doing and egypt is in the cross-hairs of iran. iran wants to be the dominant power, if they don't resist they will be vassals of iran. david: even though we may be overwrought about iran. the saudis. >> if the saudis want to fix the problem, allegedly a middle east problem, let them do it why let
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me stick with it we're worried about it happening here and if they get missile technology and put a nuke on top. they could have it here. >> there's a bigger threat to our well-being is a $4 trillion government. not all the threats that we build up and make bigger than they are. >> the nuclear threat is huge, big, gigantic and scary. and you know what? the trump administration is giving cingularty of focus. the obama administration said forget the red line in syria and time, within two months he was working secretly on the iran
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nuke deal and why he went soft on syria to appease iran. >> we're involved with a lot of-- >> thank you very much, gang. very, very interesting stuff. next saturday by the way, that will be president trump's 100th day in office with the government shut down looming and a new health care bill in the offing. our own neil cavuto will host a special live cost of freedom covering it all. be sure to watch 10 a.m. noon eastern time. next week right here. and coming up, here next, what of pictures of patriots at the white house and republican town halls have in common? some say proof of the media bias in the media. pictures you're not seeing coming up next. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. so dentures are cleaner, fresher, and brighter
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7:13 am david: well, you've been seeing a lot of that in the mainstream media recently. rowdy crowds and town halls, how about a bernie sanders crowd booing the mention of the new national democrat ic head. >> bernie! berni bernie! >> you guys, i still have two minutes left, come on, all right? so maybe you came because you're curious about the new dnc chairman and the future of the democratic party. david: and that's democrats against democrats. steve, outside of fox aren't you really just hearing one side of this? >> absolutely, two main reasons for it, one is the obama administration didn't deliver on the promised land of permanently liberal government and the second, the mainstream media is being hit by the rise of the internet so they're more desperate than before.
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and even though they're biased and alternatives are out there, the fact of the matter is they're more shrill and having an influence because precisely they know long-term they're going out. david: john, are they having an influence, the media bias? >> there's always going to be the media bias, but let's be clear when you look back to when ronald reagan was president, three networks, pbs ap the new york times. >> now we have the internet, fox news, rush limbaugh and the way to get the right out. david: they don't call it the mainstream media for nothing, e-mack. they're as light as they're going on these town hall things, sort of supporting, in many cases, the people shouting out at the town halls against donald trump. it was the opposite with the tea party, there were all kinds of headline about the tea party was racist, how the tea party equals death of a nation, all kinds of stuff. >> yeah, i mean, it's-- what is going on in this country where the media is not doing their job.
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the constant journalistic malpractice, you're supposed to get both points of view if you're a journalist. the door to the media faculty lounge is shut to the entrepreneur and business person, the democrats i feel they want to lose, and aiding and abetting. david: and there's a big difference the way they were covered when the tea party was behind the town halls than wh when-- >> and i think that donald trump put them on steroids, and he himself calling them very, very fake news and we know how steve ban nnon feels about it. >> the same reporter who broke the hillary clinton e-mail scandal broke the story about trump it officials and russian officials.
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as for tom perez being booed, that's understandable in that type of crowd, it's a bernie sanders type crowd. there was a fissure in the democratic party, but they overhyped and that bernie sanders was going to win the primary and that it wasn't going to be hillary clinton when she had millions of votes. david: mike, it's a question whether there's a difference what we're seeing in town halls today and what we saw in 2010 with the tea party. i mean, the tea party seemed to be a lot of people had no background in politics whatsoever, whereas for the hill, for example, came out with a piece on friday saying that a lot of green activists, environmental activists are involved in this, people that have experience doing this kinds of thing? >> well, the intermediaries are news, david, are increasingly becoming irrelevant and we saw that when donald trump won the election. here is where my fear is, what the liberals are doing, they're infiltrating school systems and trying to indoctrinate young kids in their ideology, that to me is a much, much bigger threat. we're not there, we don't know exactly what's happening and
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that's the threat, not the news. david: well, rich, there's another kind of threat, the malicious stories. stuff said about melania, about the first lady, for example. she actually had to sue one media outlet and she won that lawsuit, won it hands down, because of some of the-- there's a maliciousness about it that really gets under my skin. >> yeah, but it's not new. we forget that the whole 19th century, media was like this. it was very partisan and malicious. the idea that the media should be nonpartisan was a construct that exited from about world war ii through the 1970's, it peaked with walter cronkite, so i think we're going back to a more natural world. david: if it's more natural, there's some kind of fun to all of it, too, and that came to light this week, steven. sometimes you can shame the media out of something. the new york times tweeting a picture suggesting fewer new england patriots visiting the white house this week to celebrate being super bowl
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champs, compared to visiting the obama white house in 2015. but then, the patriots tweeting the facts, saying that the team staff were pictured on the stairs in 2015, this year, they were seated on the south lawn and that's why it looked different. the times ended up deleting the tweet and the writer apologized. so, steve, it's possible to change the media and get nem to do the right thing, no? >> yes, the sometimes admittedly did fumble on that one, but it just shows that anything they can find they'll try to hit the trump administration and the republicans, and that's the thing. anything is blown up to huge proportions. >> there is good choices in media now, but, boy, the msnbc crowd engaging wild conspiracy theories about trump colluding with russia in order to do the things going on in syria, it's insane, they're still engaged in that, that's whack-a-doo. >> with that comment, the last
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word. the cashin' in gang coming up. eric, what have you got. >> geraldo: mark zuckerberg saying social media needs to do more to keep violent acts off their site after an individual posted himself murdering a man. david: thank you, eric. the president to buy american and hire american. but some critics say it will end up costing more. we'll debate it, you decide. >> with this action we are sending a powerful signal to the world and we're going to defend our workers, protect our jobs and finally put america first.
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>> we are going to enforce the hire american rule, that are designed to protect jobs and wages of workers in the united states. we believe jobs must be offered to american workers first. david: buy american, hire american. that's the patriotic slowing p for the new executive order. the white house says it will boost sales of american products and hiring of american weeks, but, rick, you say this is really a negotiating position for the president. explain. >> yeah, as silicon valley free trader, i used to be terrified about trump's words about trade and thought he might launch a
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trade war and now i see and when i look at his administration and how the goldman sachs wing is as important or maybe more important than the bannon wing. he's scoring points with the base and using this once again as negotiating leverage. the key to understanding trump is that he says stuff for negotiating leverage. david: well, there are points to be made here, e-mack. one is hiring americans. the h1b visas that go to highly trained foreign workers. 80% of the immigrants who have an h1b visa earned less than the median wage, are they hired because they're cheap labor, which is what trump doesn't want or they can't find american workers. >> studies suggest it's cheap labor. congressional hearings revealed that time and again. silicon valley is such a powerful lobbying block that they've been allowed to get away with it. >> not silicon valley.
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>> hang on. and they don't get the job titles they want and they're locked in the position. david: rich said not silicon valley. this week there's a new survey done on buying steel. what do you make on that, is that a concern for you? >> the key is to make sure you don't end up raising costs for american consumers. when bush tried it 15 years ago on steel, it ended up costing more jobs than it saved jobs. so how you execute these things is critical. david: and then the question of government purchases, jessica. it turns out that just since trump has been president over $400 million has been spent by the federal government buying foreign products. >> the president buys foreign products for his own line and his daughter's own line and they make things in china. i agree with steve, we have to look at what's going to happen to the average american consumer who-- >> sorry to cut you off.
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but, john, quickly, what do you think? >> it's a disaster, i hope it doesn't happen. buy american, hire american is bad for the u.s. economy. >> rich is right, remembering labelling china as a currency manipulator, not so much when they help us with no matter how dusty the room or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase.
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>> and we are back with the safe stocks in a turbulent world. elizabeth macdonald, real estate companies. >> the vanguard refund, cheap and sweet dividend. >> very, very inexpensive, love it. david: but you like insurance companies, the chubb group. >> first of all, my family uses chubb, but property and casualties insurers tend to be
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less volatile during the buy ts. what you like. david: that's it for forbes on fox. have a fantastic weekend. thanks for watching, keep is right here. the number one business block continues now with eric bolling and cashin' in. >> our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godwin, sr. and we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. eric: that's facebook ceo mark zuckerberg after a posting of a video showing a man murdering a 74-year-old man. >> do you think that social media companies like facebook, they should be doing more to prevent videos like this from coming up on their sites? >> they should definitely be


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